The Acro-bat with Acro-rats!
(and a very confused cat)


Cirque du Sewer is a stage act featuring the circus skills of Melissa Arleth and her amazing trained vermin.  The rats jump through flaming hoops, complete obstacle courses, and join Melissa on her slack rope for a finale that is truly unique.  We're like Cirque du Soleil- only less Canadian.  

New for 2015!!  A trained cat in the rat circus!  Minds blown!!!

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The Cast-

Melissa Arleth- fuctions as writer, director, personal trainer, road manager, emcee, set designer, scenic artist, costume construction and booking agent.

The Rats- are the "talent".

The Cat- Is our attempt to sellout and become internet famous.  Sadly, he's too cute to be grumpy. 

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